Tree Cutting & Trimming

Trees add beauty, comfort, and value to your property, so why not take good care of them? At Gagnon Tree Service we love trees as much as you do.

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What we do

We have knowledge, skill, and experience cutting and pruning trees to maximize their beauty while promoting their health and growth.

Dead limbs pose a danger to humans and property, as well as to the trees they were growing on. Dead tree branches and boughs attract insects and diseases which can ultimately kill the tree, so it’s important to remove any dead limbs as quickly as possible.

Healthier, happier trees

Even healthy trees need occasional cutting and trimming to allow more sunlight in, remove dangerous overhanging branches, and keep utility lines clear. Professional pruning can improve your trees by removing weak growth and adding definition to their shape while encouraging leaf growth and density.

Unfortunately, some tree companies do more damage than good with their cutting and trimming methods. Many arborists use spikes to help them climb trees, which can scrape and scar the tree, leaving unsightly marks and damage that can weaken the tree and attract pests to cause even more harm.

Fortunately, we use something called “the single rope technique” which calls for rigging a single rope and using a harness and technical climbing gear that enables us to quickly, safely, and gently climb a tree for pruning and trimming without damaging it. That makes for happier trees and customers. The only time we use spikes is when we’re climbing trees that we’re taking down.