Tree Removal

There is no such thing as “It’s no big deal — I’ll just cut this tree down myself.” Many homeowners attempt it themselves, only to discover that it’s more difficult and dangerous than they might think. Trees can twist, break, and fall in unexpected ways, causing serious property damage, injury, and even death.

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What we do

The trained and licensed arborists at Gagnon Tree Service have years of experience safely and efficiently taking down trees of all types and sizes. We carefully plan and execute every tree-drop to ensure that they come down exactly as planned with minimal disturbance.

We minimize disruption and damage.

At Gagnon Tree Service we specialize in minimal-impact tree removal. We use a bucket truck and aerial lift wherever possible to minimize our footprint and avoid having to bring in a large crane that can damage your property. We even have a mini skid-steer loader for maneuvering in tight spaces to carefully remove downed timber.

Unlike some of our competitors, we’re highly skilled at tall-tree rigging and climbing so that we can efficiently dismantle and lower tall tree sections without tearing up your lawn with heavy equipment. We consider a job successful when you can’t easily tell we were there.